Drawing with Kids

nataliemalan_studio_child_friendly_webSo I decided to make good on my last post about spending more creative time with my munchkins.  And I realized that having a stool by my chair at my drawing table would probably be a good way to keep this little man from drinking his paint and eating his crayons (well one out of two isn’t bad…).  It worked out well this morning and I’m thinking I may even invest in a few ikea stools with backs like these so I don’t have to worry about him wiggling off.


This is his usual face when I’m wrangling him around my studio.  He got a lot happier when he was sitting by me and we were both coloring.  We encourage the time saving “two handed coloring” method.  Deadlines people!  Always deadlines.  Might as well train them young.

Anyone have any tips for drawing with littles?




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One thought on “Drawing with Kids

  1. AWWWWW he’s so cute OMG Love your pics….love your story…..thanks for sharing this most precious time of your life….your post was the best ever. You are a great mom among all your other qualities. YOU so ROCK!!

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