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Natalie Malan is an Illustrator with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Illustration from BYU. Traditional media is her first love, but somehow Illustrator and Photoshop also stole her heart. Her work includes licensed scrapbook paper, iron on and vinyl in Joann Stores for Cricut, two new lines of quilting cottons for Free Spirit, licensed embroidery panels in Walmart stores, art prints for Minted, two children’s books, notecards, die cuts, electronic cutting cartridges for Cricut, embossing folders for Cuttlebug, magazine illustrations, and greeting cards.

Natalie currently works from her home studio in South Jordan Utah, with her four crazy and delightful kids, and husband – artist David Malan.

Clients include Walmart, Cricut, Target, Michaels ,General Pencil, Hobby Lobby, Free Spirit, Coats, Petite Lemon, Shutterfly, Minted, and more.

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Natalie has been designing images freelance for Cricut for over a decade.  She designed 36+ cartridges/image sets before starting to license her work exclusively.  She currently designs: iron on, vinyl, project cut files, as well as paper packs for the Cricut family of machines and crafters.  She loves creating cut files that look complex, but keeps attention to even the small details so that they are easy to work with and will impress all your friends.  Almost nothing is more fun for her than scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest and seeing something created for a loved one with her products.

Crafting with the newest releases for the Fearless Wild Rose campaign was especially exciting to push the boundaries of the machine by creating 3D images, as well as layered iron projects and mixed paper and iron on projects.  There’s something exhilarating to learning and trying new processes and these new lines are particularly suited to work together in that way for everyone from a beginning crafter all the way to an expert.  We know you will love the new lines of Paper, Vinyl, and Iron On exclusive to Joann stores!

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And on her post on her  Fearless Cricut Design Space Projects

“My family laughed when I told them my hashtag was #fearless; all my life my mother has told me dynamite comes in small packages.”

“Cricut’s Wild Rose Fearless Creator campaign is something near and dear to my core beliefs as an artist and creator.  Expressing yourself in any form takes grit and determination, and I’m happy that through this project we could translate those traits into something beautiful everyone can use to create and express themselves.”

“It’s possible that I’ve become a little obsessed with my own paper crafting since I picked up my samples.  My children and I have been making t-shirts, personalized water bottles, birthday party decorations, 3D paper flower centerpieces, fairy gardens, cards, homework dioramas, and so much more the past few weeks!  The studio has been a beautiful mess, and my memories of their excitement over their projects is the best part of crafting together.”

Cricut Fearless Creator FAQs

What is the #CricutWildRose Fearless Creator campaign all about?

Women empowerment and Entrepreneurship Inspiration; we are celebrating the many accomplishments of women.

What do you hope to accomplish as a Fearless Creator in this project?

Connecting through color – We love the mix of bold pinks, fuchsia and reds mixed together to inspire people to create fearlessly.

Empowering Creators of all Ages – Encouraging new and existing creators to personalize their lives.  Inspiring everyone to #BeBrave and try a craft that may seem hard at first but with community we can do it!

Showcase in the Cricut community – We want to see what you create!  Sharing within a community has such a strong ability to encourage and inspire others.

When is the line available?

It’s currently available online and in Joann stores!

Why Natalie Malan?

From a creative Illustrator and Designer by day to full-time mom 24/7 Natalie personifies the #CricutCreator.

Quilting Cottons for FreeSpirit Fabrics

Natalie’s first line of quilting cottons “Crisp Petals” came out under the brand Coats in the fall of 2017.  In Feb 2018 Coats announced plans to close FreeSpirit Fabrics along with their Coats collections of fabrics as well.  FreeSpirit fabrics was purchased by Jaftex in Feb 2018, and continues printing quilting cottons today.  Natalie’s second line of quilting cottons “Georgia Blue” is currently shipping to stores with FreeSpirit.

“Peach blossoms, in their riot of color, caught my eye when I was a little girl growing up in Georgia. Their velvety bursts of pink, salmon, and fuchsia painted the land and held the promise of sweet, sticky heaven later on. When we lived in a place with so many stories, my dad, a Professor of military history, told us tales of how these treasured quilts were passed down through generations and used as signals for those escaping bondage; he painted that picture in my mind and made me want to create beauty with a needle and thread, to connect to the past in that way. We moved every two years, and each new place had new sights, new stories that made me dream in color. When I grew up and had my own family, I knew I wanted to put down roots and plant as many flowers as possible, to surround myself with all the colors of my childhood. I began to paint those hues and those dreams. With each of my fabrics I want you to be able to create treasures inspired by your own stories, to surround yourself with color and good memories.”

Embroidery Panels for Walmart

Our Coats brand embroidery panels are currently being sold in Walmart stores nationwide as well as here on Amazon.  We are very excited about the new trend toward cozy stitching with families and friends, and love how this particular product makes it easy to put away screens and spend quality time making something.  Adding watercolor to the project makes the project even better for all age levels and stages of embroiderers, since the pre printed panels can be stitched as much or as little as you’d like, and still be stunning.

“My meeting at Walmart HQ was amazing.  I truly enjoyed the collaborative process with the buyers there, and will always remember it fondly.  Their vision and emphasis that they wanted the line to be “me”  will always have a special place in my heart.  I only wished we’d had more time so we could sit and paint.”

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