Free Recipe Cards Printable- 5×7 Succulent



I took a break from my Minted contest prep a few weeks ago to create this cute succulent free recipe cards printable.  How fun would they be delivered with a treat to a friend or neighbor?!  And when I say treat, I mean cookies from Costco transferred onto a cute plate, with the recipe written out on this fun card.

I’ve been organizing and reorganizing my kitchen lots lately, due to nesting hormones, I’m sure.  And the recipe box and my pantry have been two of the biggest things on my to do list.

Free Recipe Cards Printable:

Click Here to Download the 5x7 Succulent Printable Recipe Cards

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2 thoughts on “Free Recipe Cards Printable- 5×7 Succulent

  1. I love this!! Thank you for offering this 🙂 I LOVE succulents and I’m honestly obsessed with anything that has them on it lol. And I’ve been needing new recipe cards so this is perfect!!

  2. Hi Natalie. Thanks again for the super fun watercolor class last night. You are adorable and amazing! Just looking for your link to watercolor brushes. Thanks!

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