Best Overhead Camera Mount Tripod for Painting Videos

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I’ve finally found the best set up for overhead camera mount tripod painting videos!  If you’re looking to create multi camera or single camera Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook videos or posts keep reading!

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Best Camera Tripod for Social Media Videos

I’ve had this tripod for three years now and I LOVE it.  Be sure to get these to balance the weight of the camera when the tripod is fully extended.  Mine are filled with rice in ziploc bags!

I also use these to wrap up cord cables all over my entire house.  It’s what I use to attach the weight to the back loop of my overhead tripod.  A mini carabiner would work even better, but these are amazing for all your cords since they can stay attached even when the cord is unraveled.

Best Camera Ceiling overhead mount tripod video

Overhead Camera setup Options

Option 1 – Moveable

Option 1 is great for renters or anyone not wanting a mount screwed onto their ceiling.  The advantage of this tripod over this SUPER cheap option is that it is placed on the floor so it’s not swaying every time you accidentally bump the table.  I also feel like it’s the most minimal solution because it can be used sooooo many ways . It’s truly the workhorse of my studio.

 Option 2 – Same Location Overhead Rig

This is the one I’ve been using in my studio over my worktable.  To say that I love it would be an understatement.  I LOOOOOOOVE it!  And the arm can mount onto the tripod I already have to make a perfectly arched arm giving me tons of angles easily and a little more head room.

The ceiling mount comes in black, but I spray painted mine white before installing it into the stud in my ceiling.  This mount can be used with my DSLR or with my iphone which makes me love it even more.

The other great thing about this overhead camera mount?  I can buy another ceiling mount and install it over my desk and just unscrew the arm so that I can move it to two places in my studio easily and quickly.

I love that I’m not tripping over a second tripod and it’s just so EASY to use that even my little four year old has been begging me to let her use mama’s painting video spot to record her own hyperlapse videos.  Win win.


Best Camera Bag and Strap

I’ve had this Camera Strap and bag for years now too.  The camera strap I LOVE because it’s leather and has just enough “grip” on the back to stay on my shoulder or behind my arm without falling all the time; it’s classic and beautiful, as well as super comfortable around my neck.  I’ve had several over the years, but this is by far my favorite.

My camera bag I take to every TV shoot that I go to.  It’s got an amazing laptop section that fits my 9×12 watercolor papers, any segment notes I need, handy phone pockets, padded interior for any water glasses or small vases or lenses that I need to take, and it looks professional and dressy.  Before I started creating segments for KSL studio 5, I had no idea that somedays you have just a few minutes to clear off your whole table set up (wet paint and all), and this bag is pure magic.

They have an amazing selection of bags for creatives, and have come out with a new canvas version that I’m dying to try as well.

Huge thanks to my friend Kimberly for encouraging me to try this camera set up out!  I should have done it months ago!

Camera Ceiling Mount Best Tripod

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