Best White Pen for Watercolor

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Best White Pen for Watercolor Flowers

watercolor florals white pen

Trying to find an opaque, fine tip pen has been a goal of mine for a very long time.  I’m happy to say I finally found one that I love.  It has the perfect combination of being easily portable in my pencil case, truly white and opaque, and a nice fine point.

Best White Pen for Watercolor

I’ve been testing pens for a while now to use in my illustration work, and they have been somewhat of a disappointment…… until I found these.  Thanks so much to my Pinners Conference classes for suggesting them!  They are a game changer!  I mentioned these in my workshop last night and wanted to make sure I posted a link for anyone else interested in trying them out.

Uni-Ball Signo Broad Point Gel Pen in White.

Best Opaque White Acrylic Ink

But what if the best white paint pen doesn’t actually start as a pen at all?  I’ve recently discovered these refillable pens, and LOVE them.  You can fill them with any color you’d like which makes them ideal for my illustration work.  I’ve had great success filling them with a variety of acrylic inks like these and these.  The best part is that I can make custom mixes of any colors that I use frequently.

acrylic inks

I’ve filled them with watercolors, acrylic inks, and gouache all with good success.

FW mixed media paint marker

The best part about using acrylic inks and diluting them down with water for a watercolor look with these markers, is that they are waterproof when dry so I can still work over them with watercolors without them smearing or bleeding.

FW mixed media paint marker

I’m also slowly building up my collection of these Amsterdam acrylic inks.  I love the color line up they have created

More Options to the Best Opaque White Pen





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