Schmincke Blick Floral Watercolor Haul in NYC – Part 1

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Schmincke Watercolors

How do you fix dried watercolor?

Watercolors are rewettable meaning you can reactivate the paint once it has dried, both on paper as well as on a palette.

I love tubes because I’m adoring my new By Priscilla Lee ceramic palettes SOOOO MUCH and I love being able to add little bits of paint to her pretty palettes and swoosh the colors around.  They make me happy and want to paint.  We’ve been Instagram friends for a while now, and I was so excited when she said she was releasing these that I asked her if I could preorder mine because they are sooooo hard to find! She makes them all by hand in her home studio and come beautifully packaged with protective bumper feet so you don’t scratch your desk.  I can’t say enough good things about them honestly.  So if you are interested, get them while you can!  You can’t say I didn’t warn you.  Handmade items are hard to find and I waited 18 months for mine!



By Priscilla Lee Ceramics

Schmincke Watercolors

These are the Schmincke Watercolors I currently own:

Delft Blue / Green Earth / Rose Madder 

Naples Yellow Reddish / Ruby Red / Indian Yellow

I also bought some Holbein Watercolors listed below.  I personally don’t think you need both the Naples Yellow Reddish and the Jaune Brilliant No.2 so I’d get one but not both.  I have a slight preference to the way the Schmincke absorbs/lays on the paper, but either color is great.

I also picked up the Schmincke Chinese White. I haven’t used it tons yet, but I really love my PhMartins Bleed Proof white, for opaque whites.

Brilliant Pink / Jaune Brilliant No.2 / Shell Pink

Or check out my post here on my favorite opaque white pen!

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