Cricut Joy Review – Everything you need to know

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The new Cricut Joy is now in stores! And Online! I’ve added a few things to my “must have” order list for the Cricut Joy so I’m excited to share my favorites!!!

Cricut Joy Must Haves

Cricut Joy Price

I got mine at Joann Stores as part of an in store “build your own bundle” they are offering; buy a Cricut Joy machine and pick your own bundle with 50% off three materials!  The friendly staff at Joann and I checked out all the things!  I bought my machine for $179.00 + tax.  

Cricut Joy vs Cricut Maker

The maker is the highest end machine offered by Cricut, with all the bells and whistles!  You may already know it has a rotary blade for cutting fabric, a knife blade, scoring blades, and more!  It will cut materials up to 12×24 inches when using the largest size mat available.  If you’re looking to make some serious crafts this machine is for you!

The new Joy is portable, and makes it easy and fast to cut labels, stickers, cards, etc anywhere you want!  With or WITHOUT a mat!  If you’re looking to get into crafting, or just want a more portable option, look no further than the Cricut Joy. The cuteness of this machine alone will have you crafting in no time.

Get Organized with Joy

My mom is a professional organizer and I took her to the Cricut Joy release event and you should have seen the spark in her eye!  She wants a machine stat!  Her love of labelling runs deep!  She kept mentioning how convenient the size is for carrying around to job to job, or around the house when decluttering and organizing rooms.  The 10 and 20 rolls of vinyl caught our eye as well, for decor purposes but also for the convenience of typing out and cutting lists of labels or little silhouette pics for organizing with kids.

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