Cricut Mother’s Day Coupon Book Idea DIY

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What is the best homemade gift for Mother’s Day?

One of my most favorite  gifts is getting Mother’s day coupon books from my kids.  I’m a working mom and always love an extra hand around the house! This year we are making some cute Mother’s Day Coupons for my mom.  I think the kids will be really excited to be making them for their Grandmas.  I’m going to use my Cricut to get them all cut out along with a cute “Mother” banner for a chair backer, or centerpiece.  Once they’re all cut I’ll let them color on the yellow pages with their cute writing and make adorable coupons.

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How to make a coupon book for Mother’s Day

Gather your supplies!  I used the Cricut Wild Rose Explore Air 2 machine – it’s currently ON SALE!  Run!  Check it out!  The shimmer vinyl is to die for, and I’m super excited to start making print and cut vinyl projects too!

This project uses my Belle Citron paper!  Somebody pinch me!  It’s exclusive to Joann Stores and I have a whole coordinating END CAP of yummy goodness!  And END CAP my friends!  I may have ugly cried a time or two over the overwhelming responses I’ve had from all of you tagging me on Instagram and Facebook.  It makes me SO HAPPY to see all the things you’ve created!!!!!  And it really makes me ugly cry to see your loved ones enjoying the things you’ve made, but that’s ok, we’re good friends like that.

And last but not least, here’s my faaaaaaaavorite top secret glue pen!  I’ve used them forever and they are my #1 Cricut necessity for gluing any dainty pieces!  It makes it soooo easy!!!!

You’ve GOT TO GET ONE.  You can thank me later.

Easy Mother’s Day Cricut Crafts

If you have Cricut Access ALL of the files in this Mother’s Day Coupon Book project are free, and already in your account!!!  Can you tell I’m a huge Cricut Access fan???  We recently added tons of my designs to Cricut Access which was a HUGE deal for me because I love a good deal and want to make sure YOU are getting the most for your money!

If you’re not a Cricut Access subscriber, don’t worry!  It will let you know the final price when you go to cut the file and you can pay for the individual Mother’s Day cut files at the very end right before you decide to cut!  Easy Peasy.


I started cutting the mats in order, making sure my machine was set to the Cardstock setting on the dial.

My favorite part is always seeing how intricate this machine can make all the cuts!  These letters cut out so well even though they are tiny!

There’s also a bonus Mother Banner that you can cut at the same time!  I’m planing to hang it on a chair back, or on a mirror.

I like to use a glue roller to place the yellow cardstock onto the ticket shapes.  It makes the job go fast and they stick really well this way.

Using my magic glue pen, I can easily make my banner without making a huge mess.  The glue sticks really well, so you won’t have letters falling off like sometimes happens with Glue sticks.  Mine were always dropping letters here and there.

Once all the coupon book ticket sheets are assembled you can tie them all together to the covers with some cute ribbon.

Honestly, I’m probably going to gift some Belle Citron paper packs this year with the coupon books and banners because it makes such a cute gift!

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How can I make Mothers Day Special?

My favorite gifts from my husband and kids have been service all day and a fun meal together.

How can I surprise my mom on Mother’s Day?

When you make the Mother’s Day coupon book, it might be fun to hide the coupons around the house in places that mom can find them as she goes throughout the day.  It’s so fun to see little things all day long.  You could even do a scavenger hunt.  My favorite Mother’s Day was the year we surprised my mom by telling her she was going to be a grandmother!

What do you do for Mother’s Day?

Tell me in the comments below or join the fun with us on Instagram and Facebook!  I’d love to hear all about your ideas and stories!

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