Cricut Rad + Happy Puppy Gift Card Holder

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Rad + Happy for Cricut in Joann Stores

I have such fun news for you all!!!!!  My friend and fellow designer Tara from Rad + Happy has her new line available in Joann stores NOWWWW!!!  If you have ever met Tara you know all the sunshine and happiness that exudes from her as well as her work.  I was so glad that we got to meet in person and talk to crafters about expanding their creativity and crafting fearlessly!  We had a blast in Ohio last march kicking off Cricut’s Fearless Crafting Campaign, and I’m hoping you’ve had a chance to follow along here on my Instagram stories!  If not you can still, go check it out and catch up.

I’ve been soooooo excited about her line, that I wanted to take a minute and show you this adorable gift card holder we made in design space!  And to be honest, my ten year old designed, and made this project all by herself!

We all know someone who loves dogs, and I think this would be the perfect way to celebrate a fun birthday, anniversary, or holiday with them!  So fast and fun, you can make a whole handful to keep on your shelves for that moment when you need a small gift tag or card super fast.  And bonus because they are adorable and so easy to store anywhere!  In your car, purse, craft room, or desk!

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Puppy Gift Card Holder:

To make this Puppy gift card holder you will need:

Cricut Wild Rose Explore Air 2 or Cricut Explore 2

Cricut Light Grip Mat

Cricut Scoring Stylus

Fine tip Glue Pen

Rad + Happy Paper available online and in Joann Stores

Cream, Black, Pink, Tan Cardstock

Sticky Dots

Cricut cut Files

Gift Card!


Cut out and glue together the pieces in Design Space, and use a sticky dot to attach your Gift Card to the interior!

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