Cricut Sailor Bow Pattern Tutorial and Template SVG

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Making bows by hand is so fun, but cutting out the pieces is my least favorite part.  This Cricut sailor bow pattern tutorial makes it easy and fun using a Cricut Maker to take care of all that tedious cutting!

You may have seen my previous post:

Cricut Sailor Bow Pattern Tutorial and Template SVG

Maybe you’ve wondered, how could I make this process easier and faster?  Or cut a bunch of bows at the same time?  Great news!  I’ve uploaded the Free Cricut Sailor Bow Pattern Tutorial and Template SVG at the end of this post so you can easily do just that!  And bonus, there are TWO great patterns you can use!  One is sized perfectly for babies with shorter tails, and the other is proportioned perfectly for toddlers, kids or even adults.  In Cricut Design Space it’s easy to resize your project to whatever size you need so feel free to get creative and tag me on IG so I can see what you created and share it!


  • Cricut Maker
  • Fabric Mat; it’s PINK – I used the light grip one I had out which is NOT the right one!
  • Cricut Washable Fabric Pen
  • Thread
  • and glue (I used )
  • , , pattern pieces
  • for turning if you have one (or just use your fingers) – a knitting needle or something with a blunt end will make your corners look sharp without poking through


Cut your fabric to fit mat size, either 12×12 or 12×24.
Import file into Cricut Design Space.
You’ll notice when you import the files all the layers are all “cut” files.

Change seam allowance lines that currently say “Cut” to “Draw.”  You can see in the image below that all the layers are currently on cut.  If you aren’t using the pen tool to draw the seam lines, you can simply delete the layers with the seam allowance lines on them.  You can find the “Draw” option under the Cut option in the drop down.


Here you can see I have all the appropriate layers set to Draw and Cut.
Once you’ve changed all your lines to draw, select all the layers and “attach” them by clicking on the link icon in the bottom right corner.
Once it has changed to “detach” and the files are now in an “Attach” folder you will know they are all linked and ready to go.
Click on the green Make it button to send it to your cut screen!
If the direction of your print runs the other direction; you can easily rotate your cut file with the blue round arrow found in the corner after clicking to select the image.


I used just a regular 1.0 Cricut marker in a light color since I couldn’t find my Washable one.  It will be inside the bow so it won’t matter.



Make sure you load your fabric onto your mat upside down so the marks will be drawn on the back side of the fabric.



I like to use the Cricut Brayer to smooth out any wrinkles and make the best cut.  The design of the brayer makes it easy on my wrists when I’m smoothing lots of projects.



We will have to consider this an action shot since I get too excited to keep still when I’m using the brayer.



Here are the Sailor Bows all perfectly drawn and cut and ready to be unloaded!



You can really see how crisp and uniform the Maker cuts everything which really matters when sewing little projects like this!


I’m excited to make my girls some bows from this collection.  It was my second collection of quilting cottons and my very first line for Free Spirit Fabrics!  This one is called “Georgia Blue” and the print is “begonia.”


One last tip I want to mention is that the Cricut Cutting mat has it’s OWN line at 12 inches!!!!  See this extra blue line????  LOVE IT.  Some days I’m multi tasking WAY too many things and I got giddy when I noticed this feature!  I hope you love it too!

Sewing Directions for Cricut Sailor Bow

Check out this post for all the sewing and assembly directions for this project! ***Please note that this is the SVG file only, and be sure to check out my other sailor bow post for full directions.

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