Baby News… and Our Gender Reveal!

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natalie-malan-pregnancy-its-a-girl-free-printable-web natalie-malan-pregnancy-its-a-girl-free-printable-closeup-2  nataliemalan_freshly_picked_white_mocs_moccasins_2

nataliemalan_gender_reveal_giant_balloon_zurchersWay back in January when I started the new blog and website, I thought maybe something in my office was making me sick.  I was wrapping up a bunch of freelance projects and spending long days in the studio.  All I could eat was ruffles and sour cream and onion dip and “chicago mix” popcorn from Costco – which should have been my first clue right there.  It was mid January, and I remember I kept complaining to my friend Jaime about how I was sure I had some weird virus until she finally convinced me to take a pregnancy test and it immediately came back positive!

The kids were convinced right away that it’s a girl and I only took my daughter to my gender ultrasound with me because I was concerned that chaos would break loose if we were having a boy…. So in the video below my husband and two little boys are finding out what we’re having.  Along with our sweet little friend Scarlett who happened to be over when everyone was finally awake from naps and happy enough to get to pop the balloon!  If I was doing this again, I’d definitely cut up some small pieces of tissue paper or something a little bit more “floaty?” to put inside the balloon….

The pic above is of the very first gift I received for baby girl which was a beautiful pair of Freshly Picked Mocs from my friend Oakley.  First gifts for my littles have always held a special place in my heart because for some reason it always makes pregnancy seem so much more real to me.

16 weeks pregnant in the video below, and 32 weeks pregnant in the photos in the pink shirt.  The days are FLYING by this time around! Click on the link below for the free 5×7 It’s a Girl watercolor and modern calligraphy printable!


Click here to download the Gender Reveal "baby girl" Free Printable

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