Free Valentine Printable – You are my Favorite Thing

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nataliemalan__free_printable_favoritethings_valentine_coral_mantle_web2My good friend Anne Marie was kind enough to host several “Favorite Things” parties and asked me to create this printable to hand out.  We each brought 5 of our favorite thing, and then drew 5 names when we arrived at her house to see who we would be giving our five items to.

The printable was her inspired way to make it about people and not just “things.”  Gotta love that girl; she’s got class.

Then we went around the room, and stood, and told everyone what our favorite thing was, why it was our favorite, and called out the names of the “winners” of our item.  It was just like Oprah with fab food, and women screaming for fun prizes!  So fun!

nataliemalan_alana_mantle_valentine_free_printable_webThis morning my other friend Alana was styling her gorgeous mantle for Valentine’s day and sent me a pic so I could see how cute it all looks with the printable!  It was completely her suggestion to offer it here as a free download, so you can be sure to thank Alana later…..

Click here to see how to make a cute string heart like the one Alana made.  I’m not sure if this is the actual tutorial she used, but it looks pretty similar.

I hope you enjoy the Free Valentine Printable!  Feel free to download and print as gifts to your loved ones and friends; I only ask that you keep my subtle signature on the bottom.

Click on the color image you’d like below; click again to see it at the maximum image size 5×7, and right click to download it to your computer. It should print best as a 5×7.

nataliemalan__free_printable_favoritethings_valentine_coral nataliemalan__free_printable_favoritethings_valentine_teal nataliemalan__free_printable_favoritethings_valentine_gray nataliemalan__free_printable_favoritethings_valentine_navy

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4 thoughts on “Free Valentine Printable – You are my Favorite Thing

  1. I love your prints. Just beautiful. I can’t seem to upload into my circut,Are they compatible?? Any hint of help would be great. I am using Cricut design space.Thanks so much.

  2. That’s interesting! Sometimes from computer to computer the colors change from the screen to the print so that’s normal, but it sounds like maybe it was printed in grayscale perhaps????

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