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Just a quick post about what I’m doing these days to take care of my skin.  
(Somewhere a baby is crawling to a toilet and a toddler is escaping out the front door while I’m getting ready in the morning. But that’s beside the point)

Drink lots of water.

I don’t drink nearly enough most days and I can tell a difference when I do. My skin is more youthful and less dry (especially around my eyes) when I drink enough.


PMD sent me their Microderm abrasion kit to try out recently. I’ve used Microderm abrasion for a few years now in the form of a cream. I have some slight scars on my chin and it makes them much less noticeable. But the PMD has been on my list to try for a while now, and I honestly thought it had needles in it for some strange reason???? Good news; it doesn’t.  It uses unassuming little sander discs. So yay for not being scary.

I was excited to try the PMD out and see what I thought. Now, I want to be clear that the people at PMD aren’t paying me for a blog post; I was sent product for an Amazon review, and I’m posting it here because I really truly like the product.

I read all the instructions and gave it a try  (I have sensitive skin so I used the gray disc). And my skin has been feeling dewy and soft since. I use less moisturizer and my make up goes on smoother when I take the time to exfoliate.

Moisturize & Exfoliate

My friend Kami who blogs over at Sweet Charli did a periscope recently about a product that I already had but never thought to put on my face. Amlactin is a product that my podiatrist recommended for super dry calloused feet and I’ve loved it for years. I buy the handy Costco pump version now after seeing her scope.  Rub some on your feet morning and night and you’re good to go. No more scouring with pumice.

I use Amlactin at night every other or every third day. Don’t use it right after the PMD; be sure to wait a couple days. Also, don’t use it in the morning because it increases susceptibility to the sun. Which brings me to…


Best thing my mother ever taught me for my skin. I wear it every single day. Rain or shine. Always. I started when I was 11 and fell off the wagon a little in college but I’m a believer for sure.


Right now I’m using a gentle moisturizing cleanser morning and night. Love Cetaphil. I also love Creamy Cleanser 2 from Mary Kay.

Vitamin E and Moisturizer

The Mary Kay Time Wise Moisturizer has been my fave since forever, and now I’m mixing one drop of Spring Valley vitamin E with it at night when I apply. I get my Mary Kay from Debbye (debbye (at) debbyecannon (dot) com) who also happens to be my mama, and skin care inspiration. She doesn’t know I’m posting this. Like I said, these are my honest opinions and routine.

Tell me your favorite tricks and tips??? In the comments below or catch me on Instagram!

I’ll be doing a live Periscope on Thursday  July 21 at 9pm MST  to hear your thoughts and answer questions. I’ll also be sharing another tip, that I forgot to include in this round up, with a product you probably already have at home!

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