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Hey y’all!  I’m busy prepping all my kits and two classes for Pinners Conference in Dallas Texas!  And I wanted to share a promo code just for you for 10% off your registration fee for classes!

Pinners Conference Promo Code

The code is:  NatalieMalan (and it’s not case sensitive).  You can also use the code:FreeShopping   … pre register for entrance to the trade show floor, but not any classes.

My watercolor classes have filled up INCEREDIBY quickly in the past, so make sure you sign up ASAP if you want to come!  My class in Utah last year had a line around the space starting 45 min before so feel free to come to class early and purchase a kit and be ready to paint as soon as you walk in the door.  I’ll be by the classroom early chatting and helping out with the kits.  The $25 kits include a 36 color watercolor set, a great brush, pieces of paper to get you started.  Can’t make it to the class?  Check out our kits online here.

This year I’m offering TWO great classes;

nataliemalan pinners conference watercolor classIntroduction to Watercolor

This is a great place to start if you’ve never watercolored before.  We will talk about paint consistency, color mixing, edges, and more! And you will have time to practice what we have talked about in class while I walk around and answer questions.


nataliemalan pinners conference promo codeIntermediate Watercolor Florals

The follow up class for the Intro class!  We will go for it and start painting some really fun flowers in this class!

Optional items to bring to either class:

  • Water bottle if you have one!  Preferably for water,  Diet Coke is amazing, but may be a little sticky to paint with.

  • Questions!  This is the BEST benefit of a LIVE class!!!!  Ask away!

  • A smile!  Because it’s scary on stage.  And I love a good reassuring face in the crowd!  And who doesn’t love a paint party?!

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