Watercolor Embroidery Party Basic Stitches

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*This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you!   All photos ©Catcher In the Rye Photography Looking for a fun excuse to get together with some friends and beat those winter blues? I know I sure was, and the release of these lovely panels was the perfect excuse to throw an intimate little soiree with friends. Our lovely friend Amy offered up her stunning store in Daybreak: Annabelle Childrenswear, for a venue, and we knew we had a winning combo. Annabelle’s specializes in European childrenswear and gifts and has such a cozy atmosphere for events like showers or workshops.  And the best part is you also get Amy with her charming British accent and warm welcoming personality!  They’ve recently started an adorable story hour and music time as well.  More info here.


The first thing we did was package up kits for everyone. On the back of our embroidery blanks, there are thread color suggestions to make it easy to match threads perfectly to your project. I used large lip and tape cello bags from Amazon, swirl lollipops, golden gumballs, and iridescent paper shred all from the Walmart party aisle to finish off the kits.  I also used my Cricut to cut little paper butterflies to hold each embroidery needle so they wouldn’t get lost in the packaging.

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