DIY Acrylic Flower Painting Tutorial

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Acrylic Floral Painting Tutorial

DIY Watercolor tutorial Acrylic florals video painting

I have been so excited to share this post with you!  I haven’t painted with acrylics for a while, and was thrilled to create a tutorial with these gorgeous new DecoArt paints!  They have a medium body viscosity perfect for beginners and more advanced artists too.  The colors are really bright and pigmented which is one of the top things I look for in my paints.  Because the colors are so clean and bright they mix really well into a huge range of colors, tints and shades.

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DIY Floral Acrylic Painting Tutorial Step by Step

I like to start by placing my largest flowers first.  I used a flat brush, and dipped it partly into the Vermillion Hue and Primary Magenta to get a pretty color variation in each petal. Then I painted the petals by anchoring one end of the brush and sweeping the other into a petal shape.

Once the largest flowers are placed, add a few buds.

Painting the Stems

After the largest flowers and buds are placed where I want, I add some stems.  Stems should be thicker at the base and more delicate at the tips.  I painted the stems using Prussian Blue and Green Gold mixed together.



I like to leave a few stems without flowers too so I can add leaves onto them.

Painting the Leaves

Once the stems are in place I use a size 6 round brush to paint my leaves.  I used the colors Green Gold mixed with Cobalt Blue Hue, and Cadmium Yellow Hue to create variation in each leaf.

In this painting I also used some Titanium White to add little highlights in the centers of the flowers and on the buds.  Some days I’ll leave my painting as is with a white background, but in the video I show you how I add a pretty blue sky and leave interesting little shapes white peeking through.  Be sure to take a look, like, comment, and subscribe to my You Tube channel for more videos!  Here’s a quick link to the Acrylic Floral Painting Video!




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