DIY French Macaron painting

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DIY watercolor floral painted French macarons

DIY Watercolor Painted French Macarons

These were so fun to make! You can either make your own macarons or use store bought ones and just decorate them! I make my own with this recipe, and this almond flour. It’s amazing, and I didn’t even sift when I made these macarons!!!  That’s cutting out the longest step!  I think I saved a whole hour.  Seriously though, buy it.  It’s the cheapest, and the best too!!!  Win, win.

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How to Watercolor Paint French Macarons

You probably already have the items necessary to paint these in your kitchen.

You need:

How to Watercolor paint on Macarons

Put a few drops of Almond extract in a small bowl and then dip a clean brush into your gel and mix it with the extract.  use the tip of the brush to make fine lines and push down for a larger leafy shape.  I like to draw my lines first and then fill in with flowers and leaves.  Rinse your brush in water in-between colors to keep them super bright!

The things I used to mess up when baking my French Macarons

You need your egg whites to be room temp.  Super important.  I warm them up in warm water in the shell.  You also need non generic powdered sugar.  Generic has more fillers and doesn’t work as well.  AND most importantly; if they are cracking on top you need to mix them more!  Like lava!  I didn’t mix my first three batches enough.  They need to ooze off your spoon, but not too fast.  Great you tube video here with lots of great tips, and you can see the consistency.

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I’ll be adding another video to the post showing me painting the macarons.  You can see it now in crazy fast motion here on my instagram.

DIY watercolor florals French macarons

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