DIY No Sew Fleece Blanket

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DIY No Sew Fleece Watercolor Blanket

I was so excited when Spoonflower asked me to film a video tutorial on how to make a DIY no sew Fleece Blanket with their brand new line of gorgeous fleece! Its heavenly soft, slightly stretchy, and Alice definitely approves. In fact, the two blankets I made seem to keep disappearing and I find them in all my kids’ rooms, so I think some more blanket making might be in order in the Malan household.

For this video tutorial I ordered a yard of my Persimmon spring fleece, and I also made a blanket out of our super popular Watercolor Peonies for Alice fleece as well. Find them in my Spoonflower store here.  You could easily use two yards and make a double sided blanket, but I wanted a lighter weight blanket for the summer time and my diaper bag and this one has been wonderful.  Be sure to check it out on their blog.

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DIY Watercolor Knit Swaddling Blanket

And if you’re looking to make a knit receiving blanket, be sure to check out this post of Alice’s newborn photos to see Watercolor Peonies for Alice in action in the hospital, and two more fun and free downloads for your delivery or nursery!  Bassinet freebie here, Watercolor garland freebie here.  Her swaddler is so simple it doesn’t even need a tutorial; just trim the edges off a yard of jersey and you’re set to swaddle!!!

Be sure to check out these adorable binkie clips from Trompe + Co as well!  They’ve been such a lifesaver!  Alice will only take a very specific pacifier, and it’s a nightmare when we lose it!!!  Trompe + Co has so many cute colors and styles available that you’ll have a hard time choosing, but we went with Bubble gum, and Gold.

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