Pinners Conference Class – Watercolor Florals

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Pinners Conference Coupon Code

pinners conference coupon codeI have exciting news!  My Pinners Conference Class is now scheduled and open for registering on the Pinners Conference Website!  We will be jumping right in and painting during the class – which will be loads of fun. Be sure to use the coupon code:   nataliemalan –  for a 10% discount when you register!


Watercolor Kits for Pinners Conference

The Watercolor Kits mentioned on the registration page are up for sale for $15 in my etsy shop!  Be sure to check back and add me on instagram or sign up for our emails for more fun previews.  The email link is on the sidebar, or in the footer if you are on mobile.

In the class we will be painting florals similar to the one above and those posted on my blog and instagram.

The kits have everything you need to get started painting your own fun masterpieces.  The first 50 kits include: a 36 color palette, #6 brush, 4 pieces of 4×6 140lb watercolor paper, sketching pencil, as well as a 6B pencil and 3 pieces of 5×7 140lb paper as part of a sponsorship with Dick Blick.  I’ll also be posting a couple fun handouts to get you going with more art supplies, and a little color theory.  Kits will be available for pick up with your ID, fifteen minutes before the time of the class.

***Any kits purchased on etsy before Nov 1 will also come with a darling 5×7 gold foil “Create” print!!!

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  1. I am having a hard time creating my save the dates the one you have created. Every time i try to print my name and fiancee name is not on the card. How do I get it to stay? please help me, and I’ve already purchased it, do I have the file saved as is?

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