Free Printable Baby Bassinet Name Wreath

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baby bassinet name card free printable

5×7 Free Printable Watercolor Name Wreath

Feel free to thank Vanessa for reminding me to post the coordinating name wreath bassinet printable!  I always meant to, and never did.  It prints up as a 5×7 and is great for all kinds of things.  You can use it as a wipe board too for little love notes if you put it in an Ikea frame and write on the glass with a dry erase marker.  The download is blank so you can fill in your own name, or do what I did and take four different ones with you to the hospital because you are a little indecisive.  At least it didn’t take four months for Alice to get a name, unlike her big brother Calvin.  He went as “new baby” until we were driving to the church to bless him.  I still remember exactly where we were by the park when we were finalizing our choice.

You may notice that it also matches our free printable Thank you Cards.  We’re so smooth like that.  Matchy matchy.  Be sure to grab those too while you’re here on the blog.

Many thanks for all your sweet comments on the coordinating name garland.  It’s still available if you sign up for our emails.  We won’t spam you.  Promise.  I don’t even know how, and if you know me – I can’t stand random stuff in my inbox.  And I read every single comment; even all 72 that were spam.  I cannot wait to see your photos of sweet babes slumbering under our artwork – tag me on insta will you?  @nataliemalanstudio

Watercolor Peonies Swaddle Blanket

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Click on the link below to download:

Click Here to download the Free Printable Watercolor Bassinet Name Card

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36 thoughts on “Free Printable Baby Bassinet Name Wreath

  1. I’m sure I am just jumping the gun but I love the name garland and want to make sure I get the link to it! Your watercolors are SO adorable!

  2. Hi! I received the beautiful name wreath but I was wondering if you are still sending out the letter garland. It is so lovely and I would like to make one for my nursery. I signed up for the emails 🙂 if there is something else I should do it a different link please let me know! Thanks again.

    1. I’ll be sending the botanical letter garland out again tomorrow; I’ll double check that your name goes on the email list again. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Hi,

    Would love to receive both the bassinet and letter garland. They’re gorgeous! Still don’t know what a we’re having but if it’s a girl I would love this ?


    1. Jacki! Congratulations!!! Thanks for your comment! It’s still availble if you sign up for the site emails. There is a link in the sidebar (or the footer if you are on your phone and scroll all the way down). I need to make a boy version!!!!! Great idea.

  4. I love your work! Our baby girl Hadley is due in 10 weeks and this and the garland is everything I need to complete our nursery! I cannot wait to receive it and thank you for making this free!!!

    1. Congratulations!!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! Tag me in a pic on insta if you post – I’d love to see her nursery! @nataliemalanstudio 🙂

  5. Hi, my Emma is due anytime now!!!! Just got your spectacular basinet sign…. However, I’m having trouble accessing your garland! Can you send me the new link?!

  6. Can you tell me what you font you used? We are also have an “a” baby and would love to use the same font.


  7. Hey!
    Your designs are just beautiful!! I’ve signed up for your email updates and I’m just now exploring your blog. I love everything! How do I get the name to you for the garland? And what font and how did you put it on the bassinet card? Thanks so much

    Email is [email protected]

    1. Congrats!!!!!!!! Click verify on the email that comes to your inbox asking if you want to subscribe to my email list. 🙂 The font name is “Asterism” and I put it on in a photo editing program.

  8. This is so beautiful! Do you happen to have one for boys? We don’t know if we are having a boy or a girl so I want to have one for each 🙂

  9. hi am trying to do the printable baby bassinet name wreath but am trying to figure out how to put the name in the middle it not letting me can you help me please

    1. hi Gladys! I’m hoping that you’ve gotten if figured out! I’m not sure which program you are using; but I use photoshop and add a text layer to the middle. Hope that helps! If you are using another program I would try and youtube an answer to figure it out. xoxo

  10. Hi Natalie!
    I am new here, and new to Cricut (I found one of your designs I wanted to try on there!) I am curious if you could tell me what printer you like to use? I am in search of a new one that will print well as I am looking to make my own wedding invitations.

    Thank you for any insight!

    1. Hey! I just bought an epson WF 7610 and love it!!!! It was inexpensive too; around $150 on sale at office max. I needed a bigger scanner though. Its a huge printer but I love it!!

  11. Hello! I’ve had this pinned for a very long time and finally have a reason to use it! I’m having a baby girl in a couple of weeks and would like to download it, but every time I try it says download error. Is it because it was posted so long ago? Do you mind sending me a link that would work? THANK YOU!

  12. Hello I am wondering if this name card can be made smaller 3×3 I am using it as nursery art next to my babies ultrasound picture.

  13. Probably the most random question for you! I cant decide on a name and was curious what the other 3 were that you loved besides Alice. Alice is so beautiful but its my cousins baby girls name! RATS!

    1. What a good question! Alice, Violet, Millie, & Vivian. I wanted Mayme (family name) but it didn’t work with Malan (rhymes with sailin’). But here are the rest of my list!
      Dorothea Dorothy
      Congrats on the new baby!!!! And best of luck naming!!! Write me back or IG me when you do name her! My Calvin didn’t have a name FOREVER!!! hahah.

    2. Thank you for sharing! Millie and Daphne are adorable and I hadn’t thought of those yet. This is our 4th and our first 3 are ABC (Adrianna, Bennett and Cameron)….ABC wasn’t planned but the million dollar question is “will it be a D name” ha! Daphne is cute and one I hadn’t thought of…though I wont be bummed if we don’t do a “d” name. Right now Elizabeth is the only name we can agree on soooo ABCskipdE Maybe we can have a dog w a D name. haha! Ill be like you and going in with multiple cute name cards to announce the baby’s name! Im surprised your hospital let you leave the hospital without a name for Calvin! I just always assumed you had to leave w a name, so that takes some pressure off 😉

  14. I LOVE this. Really late to the party since this was posted almost two years ago, but did you have a printable option for a boy as well? Thank you!!

    1. I wish I did!! I get asked for that so often!!!!!! Maybe someday soon! I will post it on IG for sure if I get the chance to make one!

  15. I just adore this name card! Would you ever think about doing up a boy or gender-neutral version? I love your printables and would love to have a hospital name card for my son when he is born this fall!

    1. I would love to do a neutral or a boy one! I just haven’t had the time to work one out yet and photograph it and get it all set up on the blog!!!! Love making cute stuff for the boys! Thanks for the comment!

    2. Ooh yay!! I’ll keep checking in and fingers crossed it will be ready before I have my sweet boy!

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