Cricut Explore Fabric Toddler Quiet Book Tutorial

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Cut fabric on your Cricut ExploreWant to know a secret?!  You can cut fabric on your Cricut Explore!  Or even your Cricut Expression!  I know; mind blowing right?  In this post you’ll find a DIY Toddler or Baby Quiet Book Tutorial that you can use to make a sew (or No Sew!)  cute, classic,  entertaining, and educational fabric baby or toddler quiet book to keep those little ones entertained.  Learning how to make a no Sew Quiet Book is so easy with this tutorial and Cricut files.

All the images in this project are available in Cricut Access.  Don’t have Cricut Access?  Not to worry you can still make your quiet book and get just the files you need for this project.

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This file has fun eggs and a mama or daddy bird for educational counting, and sorting,

I laid out my book in two page spreads.  I think it would be easier to create them as 9×9 pages instead though!  The fun thing is you can create your book any way you’d like.

The fun floral shape you see here on the left is the base for the clock but my kids begged me to leave it blank so they use it for all kinds of imaginative things, like a pond for the ducks, or a plate for pretend food, or a house for the sheep, and the list goes on.

My kids always love playing with the cute little animals in the set.

There’s also a page just for seasons.  The Quiet book tree has spring flowers, summer green leaves, orange and yellow leaves, and snowflakes to teach about seasons and decorate your tree.

There’s also a shape matching page which is my personal favorite.  My kids love to use the smaller shapes to make little pictures and things on their own as well.

Flowers of course had to make an appearance, and if you know me at all you’ll understand why!

I had fun teaching my kids about all the seasons so I love the tree with all the seasonal accessories.

I know the Cricut Maker was specially made to cut fabric, and it does it amazingly well, but I wanted to write a tutorial that shows how you can use a Cricut like the Wild Rose Cricut Explore Air 2 pictured below to cut cottons too!

Sneak peek at the  Cricut Design Space Toddler Quiet Book Cut File:

Supplies to make a Cricut Quiet Baby Toddler Book

6 rectangles of Felt 18×9 inches: I used 2 of the Baby Blue and 4 of the Antique White

Scraps of quilting cottons in the colors: White, Black, Orange, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Light Green, Turquoise, Navy Blue, Purple, Dark Purple, Pink, Light Pink, and Rust.

Easy Press Medium 9×9 or iron

Two packs of  Secret Fabric cutting Backing you need this in your life!

Velcro Sticky Dots

Cricut Heat Press Settings Guide

Find the link to the Design Space files at the end of this post!

Cricut Access

Book Rings like these

Fresh Cricut Cutting blade:  I like to have a newer blade for cutting fabric

Step by Step Tutorial for the DIY Cricut Fabric No Sew Toddler Quiet Book

I cut my felt pieces to 18×9 inches, and sewed two of them together back to back, and pinked the edges.  If I were doing it again; it would be even easier to cut them into 9×9 inches and  and bind the Quiet Book with book rings!  That way you can easily add or remove pages as well.

The most important step in this process is to back your prewashed quilting cottons with your Heat n Bond ultra.  You can use any iron you have with the steam turned off, or if you have a Cricut Easy Press you can do this even faster.  Back all the colors of cotton for the mats that you need shown below:




Dark Brown

2 Light Brown


Light Green

2 Turquoise

Navy Blue


Dark Purple



Light Pink

Once all your fabrics are backed it’s time to cut!  Place your backed fabrics on your mat fabric side up.  Cut each of your mats in the order the Cricut guides you.  I’ve already made the mirrored files you will need for each piece.

The little play pieces are all ironed back to back with the bottom layer first.

So for example, on this sun, I ironed the yellow pieces together first and then added the oranges.

Any of the images that go onto the felt just have one cut, and get ironed directly onto the felt background.

To make the little pocket on the nest, you place the weird half circle brown piece behind the nest adhesive side to adhesive side and then iron down to the felt.  Just be sure to align the top edge of the half circle as close as possible to the slit in the nest.

Then add the sticky velcro dots onto your Toddler Quiet Book and you’re ready to play!

Cricut Toddler and Baby Quiet Book Design Space Cut File

Get the Cricut Baby Toddler Quiet Book Design Space Files here


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